Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Monday, October 29, 2007

Block Captains idea

Check out the Blog for a Poll that you can take on the Neighborhood Watch, Block Captains idea.


Block Captains- Do We Need Them?

Some interest has been expressed in organizing a neighborhood watch for the DDLP Neighborhood. We have a good start already with our email network. Since no one has taken the bull by the horns and arranged an organizational meeting, I would like to suggest that maybe we get started by organizing smaller meetings by Block or Street.

The neighbors on each Block/Street could get together, talk about the idea of a neighborhood watch, pinpoint their major concerns, and elect/appoint a Block Captain. The Block Captains (and any other interested individuals) could then get together and share each street's concerns and ideas. Smaller meetings should be easier to organize than one large meeting.

The Neighborhood Watch Manual suggests that Block Captains be designated for every 10-15 houses, so some of the longer Streets may want to subdivide, and some of the shorter Blocks may want to combine. Here is how the Manual describes a Block Captain's responsibilities:
-acts as liason between block residents and the coordinator of the larger Neighborhood Watch organization;
-establishes a telephone chain by compiling and distributing a current list of names, addresses, and telephone numbers of block participants;
-visits and invites new residents to join by notifying them of meetings;
-establishes the "Operation Identification" program (marking possessions with ID so if stolen they can be more easily returned);
-contacts neighbors about crime problems, needs for assistance, and suggestions.

These are just suggestions of course. What do you all think about this?

Anybody else on Canterbury Street interested in attending an organizational Street meeting in November?

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Neighborhood Watch Manual

The official Neighborhood Watch Manual For Citizens and For Law Enforcement is available here:


Other good publications can be found here:


I have downloaded the official Neighborhood Watch Manual For Citizens and For Law Enforcement and would be glad to print out a copy for anyone in the DDLP neighborhood who is interested. I have put it into a format that I can fold down into a 5.5x8.5 booklet, which is a bit more tree-friendly than printing it straight from the website.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Next Neighborhood Jam - Sunday Oct 21

The regular Tuesday Night Neighborhood Jam is being moved this week to SUNDAY OCTOBER 21 at 7PM. Drop in any time between 7pm and 9pm and pick a few tunes with your neighbors. If you need directions, info, or songsheets, email hester@notalawyer.info.

I've been putting together songsheets of the tunes we've played and i have a bunch in PDF format. Each song has lyrics, chords, and finger positions for banjo & mandolin, none of which are guaranteed to be accurate :)

PDFs available now:Bad Moon Rising; Bile Them Cabbage Down; City of New Orleans; Comes A Time; Coming Into Los Angeles; Cortez the Killer; Country Roads; Cowgirl in the Sand; Fox on the Run; Friend of the Devil; GDTRFB; Helpless; I Hear Them All; I Know You Rider; Midnight Special; Not Fade Away; Ohio; Pretty Girl From Matthews; Please Pardon Yourself; Rock, Salt and Nails; Shame; Swept Away; Teach Your Children; The Mountain; The Weight;; This Land is Your Land; Trouble in the Fields; Wild Horses; and Will the Circle Be Unbroken.

Working on: All Along the Watchtower; Bacon in the Skillet; Badge; Down By the River; Go to Sleep; In the Pines/Where Did You Sleep; Muddy Water; Rocky Raccoon; Somebody Turned on the Light; Wagon Wheel; Where Corn Don't Grow; Who Do You Love; and a bunch of Avett Brothers songs.

All levels of talent are welcome. And if you can't play, that's OK, singers are welcome too!

So drop in this SUNDAY OCTOBER 21 from 7PM - 9PM at Hester & Charlie's house on CANTERBURY ST.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Ukulele Orchestra of GB for The DDLP

Just a little something silly for The DDLP.
There's been some very important exchanges of information since we've established The DDLP blog/Google mail list group. A large number of residents in the neighborhood have signed up for the Blog. ...very cool!

Anyways, Here's a YouTube link to a short video of some fun stuff (if you like Ukulele...I have one and enjoy plunking the thing once in awhile)

It's Friday nite and I'm trying to have a little fun! Check out the Youtube video and Comment on the choice if you are so inclined.

Thank you one and all for participating in The DDLP Neighborhood Watch Blog.

p.s. Congratulations to Jennifer and Nick on the birth of their daughter. *another voice in the neighborhood. Bless her heart and WELCOME!!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Crime Summary for 2004-2007

The following information was gleaned from the Incident Reports on the P2C Website for the streets in the DDLP Neighborhood.

5 Missing Person reports (Juvenile): all from the same Normandy address
2 Larceny reports: Shamrock (1), Wilshire (1)
1 Vandalism report (Motor Vehicle): Pisgah Church /Normandy
8 Total

4 Burglary reports: Dellwood (2), Normandy Road (1), Wilshire Drive (1)
4 Larceny reports: Cloverdale (1), Normandy (2), Vernon (1)
2 Missing Person reports (Juvenile): from one Normandy Road address
2 Vandalism reports: Dellwood (1), Wilshire (1)
12 Total

7 Larceny reports: Dellwood (2), Dublin (1), Normandy (1), Shamrock (1), Wilshire (2)
5 Burglary reports: Canterbury (1), Dublin (1), Kenmore (1), Normandy (1), Shamrock (1)
3 Missing Person reports (Juvenile): Normandy (2 from the same residence), Shamrock (1)
2 Vandalism reports: Dublin (1), Wilshire (1)
1 Fraud report (Credit Card): Dellwood
1 Theft report (Motor Vehicle Trailors): Dellwood
1 Hit and Run report (Property Damage): Dellwood
1 DWI report: Wilshire
1 Drug offense report (Sale Marijuana): Dublin
22 Total

2007 (January 1-October 10)
6 Larceny reports: Canterbury (2), Dublin (2), Normandy (1), Trenton (1)
5 Vandalism reports: Canterbury (1), Dellwood (2), Normandy (1), Wilshire (1)
4 Burglary reports: Canterbury (1), Dellwood (2), Keats (1),
3 Missing Person reports (Juvenile): all from the same Shamrock address
1 Fraud (Identity Theft): Shamrock
1 Threatening Phone Call report: Dublin
20 Total

Note: I cannot always tell from the police reports if a burglary involved actual entrance into the residence, so this summary contains both attempted and completed burglaries.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Attempted Burglary Reported Today

Someone pried open a window on the back of a house on Dellwood Drive this morning, Tuesday October 9. They were able to force the window open about 4 inches, but were discouraged from actually entering the home by the resident Rottweiler. The Greensboro police were notified and a report was filed for the incident.

!!!DO NOT HESITATE to call the police and report ANY SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY!!!

Later, about 3:40 in the afternoon, a white male, approximately 25 years old, with short blonde hair, wearing a tan polo type shirt and blue jeans, was seen knocking on the front door of several residences on Dellwood Drive. He appeared to be heading towards Cone Boulevard. He was apparently begging for money to pay for a trip to Africa.

!!!DO NOT HESITATE to call the police and report possible VIOLATIONS OF THE LAW!!!

From the Greensboro Municipal Code:

Sec. 20-69. Place.
Any person who begs or solicits alms for his or her own personal gain when the person is in any of the following places is guilty of a misdemeanor:
(1) At any bus stop or train stop;
(2) In any public transportation vehicle or facility;
(3) In any vehicle on the street; or
(4) On private property, unless the person has written permission from the owner of the property to beg or solicit alms on the property; or
(5) On any school property during the student arrival times or during the student departure times.
(6) On any sidewalk adjacent to an outdoor restaurant, motion picture theatre, outdoor theatre or palladium, any valid licensed vendor location, or where a line of patrons has formed.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Suspicious Events in the Neighborhood

Two suspicious events occurred in the neighborhood recently: an attempted break-in on Dellwood Drive and gunshots fired on or near Normandy road. Both incidents were reported to the Greensboro police and neighbors were alerted via the neighborhood email network. If you received the emails about these events, please pass the information on to your neighbors who are not on the Internet. If you did not receive the emails and would like to join the neighborhood email network, contact: migmce@yahoo.com.

My thanks to all those involved in our actual, and virtual, neighborhood watch.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Identity Theft Reported

According to the P2C website, an incident of Fraud-Identity Theft was reported by an individual on Shamrock Drive on October 2. This is the first reported crime in the DDLP neighborhood for the month of October. Let's hope it is the last.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

September Crime Summary

There was only one incident in the DDLP neighborhood in September. The Greensboro Police website indicated that an individual was arrested in the Lawndale Homes subdivision on September 16 and charged with drug possession. Keep in mind that, as with all arrests, a suspect is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.