Monday, December 29, 2008

Greensboro Blogger interviewed by News and Record

Follows is a copy/paste of an email exchange between me and Keith Brown. He was interviewed in the Sunday paper. Keith watches our blog from time to time.


Mr. Heavner please go ahead and post my e-mail to everyone.
Your neighborhood was on board for awhile and hopefully this article and when these developers start bringing up ridiculous rezoning cases like the one at elm and cornwallis it is time to let the citizens know that Protest Petitions are in every city in this state but not Greensboro.

If anyone needs some history on this issue please let them know my phone number 336-xxx-xxxx, sometimes it is better to talk than write in a e-mail.

One main thing we are doing is wanting to fill the Greensboro chambers on January21, 2009 where Protest Petitions is on the agenda. We need as many people as possible to come to make a statement to council.

Take care and want to let you know that I will be on vacation from till . Thanks for your support, I sound like the bartles and james guys from the commercial.


--- On Sun, 12/28/08, Charlie Heavner wrote:
From: Charlie Heavner
Subject: RE: 10 Questions Interview with Keith Brown in Greensboro News and Record
Date: Sunday, December 28, 2008, 5:47 PM

Hey Keith,

We enjoyed reading your interview in the paper today.
Congratulations on the recognition!
You deserve it.

I'd like to post your email on my Blog:

I know that the members of "The DDLP" neighborhood would find the info interesting.
I'm sure that they will enjoy bookmarking the links to your two blogs as well.

Thanks and Happy New Year to you as well,

From: keith brown []
Sent: Sunday, December 28, 2008 11:14 AM
To: ; Charlie Heavner;
Subject: 10 Questions Interview with Keith Brown in Greensboro News and Record

Dear Friends of Keith Brown on e-mail list,

To all my friends on my e-mail list. There was a Greensboro News and Record article out today Sunday December 28, 2008 which interviews local people and ask them 10 questions. With my 2 blogs Triadwatch and Protest Petitions for Greensboro, the Greensboro News and Record wanted to interview me for the paper. Here is the link to the article and to my 2 blogs.

Have a Happy New Year.

Keith T. BrownCoalition of Concerned Citizens of the Triad

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Holiday Safety Tips from our Neighborhood Watch Captain

Here's info that may be helpful during this holiday season

Joan (our Neighborhood Watch Captain) has received an informative file from Community Resource officer Cayton.

*Click on the image below to see a larger version of the news release

TheDDLP talent celebrates Winter Solstice 2008

Well, the "AWAKE THE WHITE AND WINT'RY QUEEN" Living Brush, A Winter Solstice Concert at the Carolina Theatre was quite enjoyable.

It was good to see some other neighbors at the event supporting our talented Betsy Bevan.

Betsy's in the middle behind the keyboard and yes...that's my 22" Wuhan wind gong shining in the background.

*note: It was a surpise to see Brad Spencer, a high school classmate up on stage with his mandolin (I'd forgotten that he'd been part of this production, last year). Read more about Brad at:

*note: I also enjoyed seeing Sandy Blocker again. I've gotten some great percussion instruments from him over the years and he is always a joy to see and hear.

Thanks to our new neighbors Bob and Jen for their hospitality post-event. It was a cool evening as we waited for the Winter Solstice which began at 3:30am EST. You can get more info about the 2008 Winter Solstice here:

*Check out Betsy's latest CD recording with Will Ridenour at (Will was on stage with the group last nite):

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Betsy to perform at Winter Solstice festival

Betsy Bevan , a DDLP neighbor and musician came over to the house the other day and borrowed my 22" Chinese gong.

She's gonna use it in a performance with a dozen other musicians for a Winter Solstice show.
It's supposed to be front and center on stage.
That's kinda hilarious 'cause I didn't wanna spend big bucks on a gong stand.
I made a stand out of a wrought iron porch planter.

The show will take place at the Carolina Theater, downtown on December 20.

Here's a link to info about the event:

Happy Winter Solstice, Charlie

Sunday, November 30, 2008

President Bush coming to Greensboro on Tuesday

*I don't know if this is an open to the public event or not but thought it was worth mentioning:

From: WFMY News 2 / White House

Bush Coming To Greensboro To Present Volunteer Award

The president will present the President's Volunteer Service Award to Donna Hudson Turner on Tuesday.

Greensboro, NC-- The White House confirmed today that President George W. Bush is coming to Greensboro on Tuesday, December 2nd.

Bush will present the President's Volunteer Service Award to Donna Hudson Turner. Turner, a High Point resident, is a volunteer with Hospice of the Piedmont. She has been a volunteer with the program for 25 years and has served more than 25,000 hours. She was able to continue volunteering even after being partially paralyzed following a stroke five years ago.

In addition to the award presentation, Bush will visit the United Way's Youth Focus Inc. because of their success with their Mentoring Of Children of Prisoners program (MCP).

In 2003, Bush announced grant matches available to cities who pair children of parents in prison with mentors. Youth Focus Inc. set a goal of pairing 120 children with mentors and exceeded it by matching 140.

A White House spokesperson told WFMY News 2 Bush wants to congratualte them in person for a job well done and being a good example of the program.

The program challenges qualified organizations to get grant money, recruit and train mentors and them pair them with chilldren.

Since it started, MCP has matched 110,800 children and mentors nationwide.

Youth Focus Inc. is a non-profit United Way agency dedicated to helping young people and their families learn to deal with the pressures of today. It is comprised of medical professionals, therapists, local business', law enforcement, administrators, and volunteers.

Source: WFMY News 2 / White House

Copyright: 2008

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I feel blessed living in our neighborhood.
We have accomplished quite a lot this year.

I will take time on Thanksgiving to reflect on my good fortunes.

Happy Thanksgiving to each and every one of you in our neighborhood!

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving special TV broadcast excerpt
Linus' Thanksgiving prayer:

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Crime in the DDLP-Fall Report

There was a single incident report in September. That crime was the burglary of a residence on Wilshire.

Unfortunately, five crimes were reported in October. The month started off with the larceny of a bicycle on Wilshire. The next report was the burglary of a Wilshire residence on October 18. This was followed by three larcenies from motor vehicles at three different addresses on Wilshire.

November has already generated two crime reports. One was a larceny from a motor vehicle on Pershing and the other was the vandalism of an automobile on Wilshire. Let's hope the upcoming cold winter weather will keep the criminals indoors and out of our neighborhood.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Election 2008

Election 2008 is over.

It was an exciting campaign season!

The little Poll gizmo that I put on the Blog got a lot of traffic. Looks like a bunch of us voted. That's great!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

A note from our Neighborhood Watch Captain

A Note from our Neighborhood Watch Captain
Joan Johnson

Looks like a lot going on in our neighborhood as well as adjoining
neighborhoods. With the economy like it is & the holiday's coming up,
it will most likely get worse. I've seen the emails about the
security systems & if we need to use the Lawndale Clubhouse to have
someone come talk to everybody about their systems, I'll be glad to make arrangements.

I think that Officer Cayton had a good reminder to let people know you
are home if someone knocks & to take an inventory of your possessions.

I'd appreciate any reports or details on break ins. I do keep in
touch via email with Officer Cayton & would like to get follow up reports from him.

Thanks for keeping your eyes & ears open & keeping us all informed.

Joan Johnson

Below is information provided by our Community Resource Team member, Officer Cayton's email:

“I just checked the stats for October as far as what has been
reported the Wilshire Dr Area has seen the bulk of the trouble.
Looks like:
3 car Break ins
2 House break-ins with one Larceny of a Bike

Looks Like someone is hitting the area.

I do not know of any suspects that have been developed at this time other than:
The light colored truck with ladder racks on it.

I know that the Kirkwood area is getting hit also--so far nothing on suspects not even a vehicle description.

I have already sent out the information to the Patrol Squads in hopes of stepping up Patrols in the area

But due to call load it is no guarantee.

We need for folks to call if they see or hear anything suspicious.
like someone going door to door knocking on doors
*that is a tactic the criminals use to see if someone is

And if folks are home make sure that folks call out an let the
person knocking know someone is home.

if they think no one is home they may try to break in with the home owner there

They do not have to open the door to the person just need to let them know someone is there

THAT ALL THEIR DOORS AND WINDOWS ARE LOCKED even if they are in the front yard doing work.

That is about it for now they may want to make that Home inventory of their property just in case.”

Monday, October 27, 2008

DEMs VP Candidate holds rally in Greensboro, today

Early Vote for Change Rally with Joe Biden in Greensboro, NC

This Monday, October 27th, please join Joe Biden in Greensboro, where he will talk about Barack's vision for creating the kind of change we need.

Early Vote for Change Rally with Joe Biden

Price Bryan Performance Place200 N. Davie St.Greensboro, NC 27401

Monday, October 27thDoors Open: 1:00 p.m.Program Begins: 2:15 p.m.

The event is free and open to the public. Tickets are not required; however an RSVP is strongly encouraged.

For security reasons, do not bring bags. Please limit personal items. No food or drink allowed inside the ballpark. No signs or banners allowed.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

TheDDLP Octoberfest Pot Luck party

What a pleasant experience we had yesterday with our October pot luck party at Nick and Jen's (and baby Isabella) house.

The food just keeps getting better!

The crowd was diverse and it was so cool to see so many new faces.
*I had no idea how many young families are in the neighborhood.

Altho' it was a bit chilly outside, we had a wonderful time and enjoyed the fellowship.

Here's a pic from the "Octoberfest":

Monday, September 29, 2008

Yard Sale Postponed!

The yard sale scheduled for October 4 at the Lawndale Swim & Tennis Clubhouse has been postponed. The DDLP Neighborhood Watch hopes that no one has  been inconvenienced by this change in plans.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Crime Prevention Tips from Officers Cayton and Blaylock

The following information was culled from emails sent to Joan Johnson, Watch captain for the DDLP Neighborhood Watch, from Officer Charles Blaylock on September 12 and Officer Jim Cayton on September 17. Although the crimes mentioned below did not happen in the DDLP, they are reminders that the crime problem is just around the corner.

Car Break-ins:
There have been several car break-ins in the Kirkwood area and these continue to be a problem. The police have tried to step up patrols in the area, but due to call load there are no guarantees they can answer every call promptly. If Officer Cayton gets a good description of any of the suspects, he will let Joan know immediately so she can pass the information along.

What You Can Do:
1) Do not leave any property whatsoever in your vehicle. Every time these guys get something out of a car it encourages them to keep coming back.
2) If you see or hear anything suspicious during the night, please do not hesitate to call the police. If it turns out to be nothing you can always call back and cancel the call. Do not worry about what the Dispatcher says. Request that the police respond due to recent car break-ins.

Daytime Home Break-ins:
A daytime home break-in recently occurred in the Sherwood Street/South Chapman Street area. The suspects entered a residence that was occupied by a 24-year-old female. She ran out of the residence and locked herself in her vehicle where she contacted police. She is safe and unharmed. The suspects were observed running from the residence.

What You Can Do:
1) If you hear a knock at your door, verbally acknowledge your presence inside the home. If you remain  silent, hoping that the person will go away, you might give them cause to believe that the house is empty and will be easy to break into. When you make your presence known, have your phone in your hand and call 911 if you feel threatened.
2) Lock your door when you are inside  your home.
3) It may help to keep an exterior light on outside in the evenings. Criminals do not like lighting. It allows witnesses to see their faces.
4) Report suspicious activity when you see it. You are the eyes and ears of the police. If you see something that could be criminal activity in progress, call 9-1-1 and report it. If you see conduct that could lead to criminal activity, call 9-1-1 and report it. Keep in mind that someone merely walking down the street is not suspicious. You should be able to describe to the police dispatcher the specific actions or conduct that seemed suspicious to you.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

August Crime Summary

The month started off with a report of vandalism at the Lawndale Swim & Tennis Club on August 1st. The Club later suffered two burglaries, one on the 7th and one on the 20th. Both of those burglaries involved forced entry. Only one other location in the neighborhood was victimized. An act of vandalism was reported on Shamrock Drive on August 13th. 

To access police reports on the Internet, go to, click on Search for Events, click I Agree (if you agree to the terms&conditions), and then type in the dates and street you want to search for.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Wiffle Pitches

OK, this is a very rudimentary illustration, but having never thrown a wiffle ball in my life, or at least in my accessible memory, I needed some idea of where to get started. A little practice and voila! I am no longer chucking the ball into the dirt two feet in front of me. My next goal is to learn how to throw the dang thing more than 20 feet. I am not ready to pitch at the next wiffle ball game, but I don't think I'll embarrass myself too much if I have to throw the ball to someone in the infield, that is, if I should manage to catch a fly wiffle.

Here are a couple of Internet sites with advice on pitching a wiffle ball:

Tom's Wiffle Ball Page

New Jersey WiffleBall Association

See ya on Sunday!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Break In at the Lawndale Swim & Tennis Club

Last night, the Lawndale Swim & Tennis Clubhouse was broken into...again. According to Joan (Normandy), the perpetrators gained entry by pulling a heavy concrete table under the girl's bathroom window and crawling in. They attempted to break into the snack bar and the Guard Shack, but they were unsuccessful. Unfortunately, the door will have to be replaced...again. The area appeared to be OK around 11:30pm when Rich (Shamrock) was walking his dog there.

Also of concern was a report at the neighborhood watch meeting that people may be trespassing in the swimming pool after hours.

Rich suggests that if you are driving home late at night and are near the entrance to the Club, drive through the parking lot and have a look around. Traffic may act as a deterrent, though be careful not to put yourself in harm's way.

If you hear someone in the pool after hours, call the police. Remember, keep your eyes and your ears open. And if you are hesitant to call police, call a neighbor or a block captain and let them know you think something suspicious is happening so that they can check it out and call the police.


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

It's Official: We're Official!

65 people signed in at tonight's meeting which was enough to make us an official neighborhood watch organization. Thanks to all those who have come to the meetings, our neighborhood will be receiving some official community watch signs in the near future. 

Sunday, August 10, 2008

National Night Out 2008 Pictures

Check out some of the pictures that I took at the National Night Out 2008 event at Joyner school yard.

Click on the link below and then
Click on View Pictures and then click on Slide Show

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Wiffle Ball Fun!

No experience needed! No equipment needed! And more importantly, no base running! Just pitching, hitting, and a little fielding. If you’re interested, just show up at the Joyner softball, er wiffle ball field on any given Sunday at 5pm for some non-serious fun! 

The DDLP wiffle ball games are being organized by Ryan
(Normandy) & Nick (Canterbury) who supply the equipment and give newcomers a rundown of the rules of the game. At this time the game is restricted to adults, who can probably appreciate the more relaxed play of a wiffle ball game.

Wiffle ball can be played with anywhere from two to ten players. With two players, the game is played with a pitcher and a batter - one player per side. There is no real fielding. The field is drawn into sections and those sections indicate whether a batted ball is a single, double, etc. 

If a full team is playing, each side will have a catcher, pitcher, double area fielder, triple area fielder and home run area fielder. Fielders cannot move from one area to another when a full team is playing, which keeps the exertion level to a minimum.

 There is a bench by the Joyner field, but you might want to bring a lawn chair or picnic blanket, and some water or other beverage. The batter’s box and most of the infield is in the shade at 5pm, and the shade spreads into the outfield as the game progresses. I didn't notice mosquitoes, but there were some gnats hanging around.

Last week’s game was a slugfest for the visiting team which scored over 30. And that was just a team of two!
The home team, represented by Normandy & Canterbury residents, trailed most of the game, and couldn't 
quite catch up even with a valiant final inning effort. Although it was pretty darn hot last Sunday, the players and fans that attended weren’t too uncomfortable because the game, while exciting, does not require the same physical exertion as softball. The weather for this week’s game should be cooler.

For more information about the game, go to:

Next game is this Sunday, August 10, at 5pm.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Another Break In at the Lawndale Swim & Tennis Club

There is no incident report on P2C yet, but these are the details passed along to me:

The door to the guard shack was kicked in. There are some keys missing, but that was all that was noticed at a quick glance, besides having to get the door fixed. Police report will be filed.

Let's keep our eyes and ears open.

Here's one easy contribution to a safer neighborhood that I make most every night...I have to get up at least once a night to let one of the cats in or out. While I'm waiting for her to decide whether she REALLY wants to go out, I step out onto the porch and listen to the night sounds for a few minutes. My own little neighborhood watch at 3:00 in the morning.

July Crime Summary

In July, two incident reports were posted on the Police to Citizen (P2C) website. Both incidents were burglaries involving forcible entry. On July 9, the Lawndale Swim & Tennis Clubhouse was broken into and property was stolen from the snack bar. On July 19, a burglary occurred at a residence on Dublin Drive. That incident was cleared by an arrest.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

National Night Out 2008 in The DDLP

A quick post about our National Night Out 2008 event.

OK, so, here's a couple of pics from the event. ...more to follow.

Of course, Hester will have a detailed Post about the event but I just wanted to share a few pieces of info and some pictures.

As far as I know now, about 200 neighbors came to the event.

*WFMY News 2's Weatherman, Eric Chilton did a Live remote broadcast from our event.

*8 Target store employees were present to represent this civic minded company. They provided National Night Out SWAG (stuff we all get) safety lights and whistles.
They also provided a raffle event for Target gift cards.

*Our neighbor, "The ice cream truck man" showed up and sold cool goodies. Thanks! Hey y'all, how cool is that? Our own "ice cream man"...

*Community Resource Office Cayton was present and spoke to the group. We are so glad to have him as our contact with the Greensboro Police Department.

*Greensboro Fire Department truck #40 crew was present. An impromptu touch-football game developed on the grounds with the GFD. Thanks guys! ...and, Thanks for taking the challenge and wailing away on the engine's sirens at the end of the event. That was really cool!

*Greensboro Police department detectives from the All Terrain Vehicle Safety and Education Program came out and spoke to us about the use of ATVs. ..Great presentation.

***Greensboro Police Chief Tim Bellamy and Greensboro City Manager Mitch Johnson came by and offered encouragement for our efforts to develop our Community Watch. ...Very cool!!!

A hearty Thank You! to all the neigbhors that have put in the time to participate in the National Night Out 2008.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Another Incident at Lawndale Swim & Tennis Club

Friday night, just before 9:00 pm, a Tan late model Dodge Durango with 4 teens in it came from behind Joyner School and through the parking lot at Lawndale. They got hung on the telephone pole on the ground between Joyner and Lawndale. When they tried to get off the log, they damaged the fence at Lawndale and did some other damages. It appears that they have body damage and may have punctured a hole in the oil pan of their car.

If anyone knows who this vehicle belongs to or saw it, please contact the Greensboro Police Department 373-2222 or Lawndale Swim & Tennis Club 288-7611.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Need a Little Help on National Night Out

The National Night Out celebration in the DDLP will take place on the Joyner playground from 5:30pm to 8pm on Tuesday August 5 with food, games, giveaways and more being provided by our neighborhood watch group and Target. But we still need some help. If you would be willing to set up a tent canopy or bake a dessert, please contact Mary Speaker (Vernon) at 288-3641. We also need a battery powered PA or Mr. Microphone so that we can address the crowd (again, contact Mary Speaker).

Details about the event will be coming your way via email and flyers during the next few days. Please plan to attend. And bring your extended family and friends to the party!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

June 30 Neighborhood Watch Meeting Notes

The meeting began with an introduction of the block captains. Joan noted that more block captains are needed and invited others to volunteer. Officer Scott Miller was then introduced. He began his discussion, which was mainly on the topic of home security, by pointing out some recent changes that affect our neighborhood because of the annexation of The Cardinal into Greensboro. We are no longer a part of the Eastern Division of the Greensboro Police Department. We are now part of the Central Division, the 140 Zone, and will have a different Community Resource Team (CRT). One of those officers will attend our next meeting.

Turning to the topic of home security, Officer Miller noted that larcenies, along with burglaries, are the main crime problems in our neighborhood. In June, there were two incident reports and both were larcenies. Both were break-ins of cars, called “Larceny – Motor Vehicle” on incident reports. Most larcenies from cars occur from 11PM to 3AM. They are mpsy often
committed by youths from 14 to 19 years of age.The other common larceny, Larceny – All Other, means that no break-in occurred but that property is missing. This is most likely to occur when an invited guest steals something from their host’s residence.

Larcenies from motor vehicles can best be prevented by leaving nothing of value visible in the car. Those items most likely to act as an incentive to the “bad guys,” as Officer Miller calls criminals, are cameras, purses, ipods, laptops, book bags, and briefcases. He recommended taking everything out of your vehicle when you get home from work. He also suggested removing all but the spare tire and tire tools in the trunk. Keeping the vehicle “clean” at all times is the best deterrent to car break-ins. Although one school of thought is to leave a vehicle unlocked to prevent thieves from breaking your car’s window to get inside, Officer Miller said that locking the vehicle is probably the best thing to do. All in all, a bad guy will be more reluctant to break glass on a vehicle, and thus drawing attention to himself, when there is nothing “good” in sight.

Officer Miller then turned to the subject of how to protect our homes from burglaries. Most break-insoccur during the day when the residents are at work. One common approach is for a group of three or four bad guys, on foot or driving, to go by a residence several times to determine whether or not anyone is at home. Then one guy will knock on the front door. If there
is no answer, they will signal their partners who will break in through a window or door in the back of the house. Although burglars prefer going through a window, which is usually less noisy than breaking down a door, several of the burglaries in the DDLP were accomplished by busting through a door. Unfortunately, only about 30- 40% of all break-ins are solved. Most are handled through insurance. Officer Miller did have a number of suggestions about how to make it as difficult as possible for a thief to break into our houses.

Locks, and the doors themselves, are the first place to start when looking to prevent burglaries. One locksmith that Officer Miller has spoken with recommends either heavy duty Sclegg locks or Medico locks, which are the best, and the most
expensive locks. Glass doors present special problems no matter how good a lock is if the glass is 40” or closer to the lock. In that case, double cylinder dead bolt locks are the better choice for security as a key is needed to unlock the door from both the outside and the inside. However, because a key is necessary to unlock the door from the inside, it must be easily accessible to the inhabitants in case of a fire. Flexible glass will deter entry but it doesn’t look as nice as glass so it is not used much in residential buildings.

A metal door is the hardest to break into, but it needs to be 18 or greater gauge metal. Of course if it is attached to a wooden door frame, all the burglar has to do is pry the wood loose around the lock in order to get in. A metal door should be set in a metal door frame. The next best choice is a solid core wood door with a striker plate. As for sliding doors, a charlie bar can be used to make it harder to break in. Because sliding glass doors can be lifted up pretty easily with a prying tool, it is a good idea to put something in the track that will allow the door to slide but will prevent it from being lifted.

There are also some simple things we can do to make our homes more secure. Officer Miller asked us to take a look at our yards and see if we are inadvertently providing hiding places for criminals. Foliage, shrubs, and vines are nice ways to increase our privacy, but they also make it difficult for our neighbors to see someone breaking into our house. We will have to strike a balance between privacy and security. He suggested we trim tree branches back to eight or nine feet off the ground and keep bushes two feet or lower. Prickly scrubs around the house are a good deterrent.

At night, a pitch black yard can make it harder for your neighbors, or you, to see suspicious behavior. Here again a balance will have to be struck. You want enough light so your neighbors can see into your yard, but not enough to blind them. One solution is to get Duke Power to put a light on a six foot pole in your back yard. If you opt for motion detecting lights, don’t get complacent. Don’t assume they were set off by a raccoon, always check outside when they come on. If you just don’t want to add to the “problem” of “light pollution,” you can simply leave the lights off until you hear something unusual. That’s the time to turn the lights on and investigate.

If you decide to put up a “Beware of Dog” sign, don’t forget to put a huge dog house and a big water bowl in the yard to further improve the deterrent factor. As for the fence that keeps the dog in your yard, it can also make it more difficult for neighbors to see suspicious activity. Fences also make it more difficult to get to know your neighbors. Chain link fences are a practical solution to this dilemma.

Another possible deterrent is an alarm system. However, although they may deter some thieves, they can also be ineffective and costly. False alarms can be caused by birds, wind, hail, and people. 95-98% of all the alarms that the police respond to are false alarms. Your first three false alarms are free, but each false alarm after that will cost you $50 if it is answered by the police. Officer Miller believes that the best deterrent to crime is your neighbors,which is why he supports neighborhood watch groups.

We can prevent crime if we pay attention to what is going on in our neighborhood. Communicate with our neighbors. Call the police when something doesn’t look right and give them as much detailed information as you can. “You are the eyes and ears of your neighborhood” and the best deterrent to crime. If you are willing to get more involved, join the Neighborhood Watch. You should be prepared to answer a lot of questions when you call the police to report suspicious activity, and also be willing to stand up in court as a witness if necessary.

After Officer Miller’s presentation, there was enough time for him to answer questions from the audience. A Wilshire resident had heard gunshots coming from the direction of the Brookfield Woods apartments and wanted to know how she could find out what had happened there. Officer Miller told her to call the Maple Street substation, 574-4035, ask for Kathy Coleman, give her the date and time of the gunshots, and Ms. Coleman would be able to tell her whether any officers responded. Nine times out of ten nothing is found and no report is written up. Another resident wanted to know if he could shoot an intruder in his home. He then joked that he had heard that three shots was self defense, but four shots was murder. Officer Miller was understandably reluctant to offer an opinion on this subject. He did say that force could be used if you were in fear for your life and other less drastic means of protection were unavailable. But, he warned, you had better be able to articulate why you did what you did. And of course, the weapon should be registered.

Following the Q & A, Mary Speaker (Vernon) gave an update on plans for our participation in National Night Out. She is spearheading a group that is planning a block party on that night. They have invited members of both the police and fire departments to join us. Details to come.

Note: I'm sorry I didn't get these notes published sooner, but there are just so many other things to do in the summer : )

Friday, July 25, 2008

Calling All Block Captains

There will be a quick meeting of all block captains Monday July 28 at 6:30pm at the Lawndale Swim & Tennis Clubhouse. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss National Night Out and how to get the word out, especially for those that aren't on the blog, and get an idea of how many people plan to attend & who's going to bring what. Mary Speaker has been heading up this project and will let us know what is planned so far and what needs to be done between now and August 5th.

Also on the agenda is our representation at the required monthly meetings with the Central Division Advisory Board of the GPD. There are 11 meetings per year (no meeting in August because of National Night Out). Since we already have more than 11 block captains, we should be able to divide up and have people volunteer to attend one meeting a year with plenty of alternates to fill in when someone can't make a meeting. So bring your calendars!

If you are not a block captain but would like to participate, come to the meeting and sign up. Besides organizing neighborhood participation in National Night Out and the annual neighborhood watch meeting in February, block captains act as the "eyes and ears" of the neighborhood for the police. They make sure their neighbors are kept informed about neighborhood events and suspicious or criminal activities. And yes, they may have to attend a few meetings, although most of our communications are accomplished with email and phone calls.

Contact me if you have any questions:

Sunday, July 20, 2008

July 2008 Neighborhood Party

Thanks to Chris & Jen and Ryan & Robyn for a great Saturday evening party in Chris & Jen's backyard!

What a wonderful turnout!

There was a ton of Food and Drinks this time. Nice work everybody!

I asked Nick to take a 'show of hands' poll at the party of how many people found out about the party via The DDLP Neighborhood Watch Blog.

It seems that mostly everybody got the news from the Blog and subsequent emails.

There are currently 106 email addresses on the Blog email distribution list.
We're working with folks that maintain similar email lists so that we can consolidate them into one list. This will reduce redundancy and provide a single list for email distributions.

I'll update the Blog about info for the August 05 National Night Out neighborhood event, soon.
And, there will be an email sent about it, too.
Thanks, Charlie

Saturday, July 12, 2008

More fluffy high-tech stuff for the blog

Hey Y'all,

I got turned onto Frappr a week or so back.

It seems kinda cool so, I added it to the sidebar on our Blog.
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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Break-in at Lawndale Swim & Tennis Club

The Lawndale Swim & Tennis Clubhouse was broken into last night. They busted out the snack shack door, and stole approximately $500.00 worth of merchandise. A report is being filed with the police but is not yet available on the P2C website. The thieves did not enter through the new doors. Apparently they entered through the far window on the pool side of the clubhouse which was more than likely locked. Evidence at the scene indicates they may have jumped over the fence on their way out. There is a nice print in the horseshoe pit, and possibly some other prints.

One of our neighbors who lives on Normandy and walks his dogs all over the neighborhood, called the police when he saw a bunch of people hanging around that area. It is probable that they are the same ne'er-do-wells that stole ice cream, drinks, chips, and paper towels, among other things, from the snack bar. The snack bar is run by a college student and it was his merchandise that was stolen. The thieves did leave behind some drink bottles on Joyner's playground. Hopefully the police will be able to pull some prints and match them up. Our thanks go out to our alert Normandy neighbor for calling in suspicious activity to the police. Let's keep it up.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

The DDLP July Party 2008

The DDLP July Neighborhood Party 2008 is on - YEA!

Hosted by:
Chris & Jen (3404 Normandy)
and Ryan & Robyn (3405 Normandy).

July 19th from 5-7pm

Chris and Jen's backyard at 3404 Normandy Rd.
(That's right on the corner by the Lawndale Swim Club)

Food and Drinks:
Juice and such for the little ones will be provided
Adults - BYOB or otherwise drinks

It's a Pot Luck so Please Bring Some Food
We've had great salad and salad-like dishes
We need more MEAT and Potota kinda dishes

I'll put up a voting poll on the Blog and you can anonymously indicate what kinda dish you can bring.

Thanks Chris and Jen, Ryan and Robyn!!!

See y'all there!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Testing new Blog tool: Windows Live Writer


I'm just testing a new tool that I'm going to be using to update our Blog.

With no particular relevance to the Blog other than this is Hester's favorite band, here's a video of The Avett Brothers performing, "Talk on Indolence"

I'm working on richer content for the Blog.

Anyways, thanks for the indulgence and enjoy the video,


Sunday, June 29, 2008


According to what I've read, the basic recommended structure of a neighborhood watch is a "watch captain" at the top, "block captains" for each street (preferably 1 block captain for every 10 houses) , and "members." The members report suspicious or criminal activity to the police and to their block captain. The block captain passes that info to the other members and keeps members on his/her block informed of neighborhood events, etc. We've added an extra dimension in our particular organization in that we're also getting contact info from those who want to be kept informed but don't want to be members of the watch. The block captains will keep all non watch members on their contact list up-to-date. The block captains also pass along info to the watch captain. The watch captain acts as a liaison between the group and the police and attends the monthly Eastern Division Advisory Board meetings (Greensboro Police Dept).

If you are interested in being part of the leadership end of our new organization, check out the guide for Starting a Community Watch. To download the pdf go to:

Joan got the ball rolling by organizing the first two meetings. I'd say she has more than achieved her goal of getting a neighborhood watch group started. She's also been doing a lot of the heavy lifting on our way to our second goal, the community watch signs (which requires a third meeting). Concurrently, a bunch of us have jumped in and begun the work of getting block captains in place on each street, our third goal. The fourth goal is getting contact info for all residents that want to be kept informed of neighborhood events, etc. After that, we just struggle along until we become a well-oiled machine: )

Although we appear somewhat disorganized at times, I think we've managed to accomplish quite a bit. Still, I think we might want to try to tighten up the communication between the block captains and the loose group of initial organizers. I will suggest at the Monday meeting that all volunteer block captains stay for a few minutes after the main meeting, group ourselves by street, and exchange contact info. We can then start coordinating our efforts by street and making sure our current watch captain (Joan) is kept up-to-date about what's being done on each block. If all the block captains have internet access, I suggest that we use the Forum on the DDLP website to exchange info and ideas. That way we can transmit info quickly among ourselves but also keep the process transparent and open for everyone.

If you want to continue this dialog go to and reply on the "Block Captains" thread where the bulk of this post is repeated.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Neighborhood Watch Meeting - Monday June 30

"Home Security" will be the topic at the next Neighborhood Watch meeting on Monday June 30. The event will get started at 6:30 pm at the Lawndale Swim & Tennis Club on Keats Place. Greensboro Police Officer Scott Miller will the featured speaker. Light refreshments will be served. The last meetings have been standing room only, so you may want to bring along a folding chair.

This is the second of the three community watch meetings that are required in order to get "watch" signs put up in the neighborhood. Attendance at these next two meetings must be at least 61% of the DDLP Neighborhood Watch membership. We currently have about 77 households signed up, which means we need to have over 46 attendees at the June 30 meeting. So mark your calendars, spread the word, and join us next Monday for what is sure to be an informative and interesting meeting.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Requirements For A Startup Neighborhood Watch Group

I have been a little confused since we first started organizing the DDLP Neighborhood Watch about what we HAVE to do to be recognized as an official group. I think I’ve got it broken down into manageable chunks of information and I thought I’d pass them along.

This is what we HAVE to do in order to get the city to install and maintain “official” community watch signs along our streets:

1) Generate a list of members* for the neighborhood watch organization;
2) Conduct 3 consecutive meetings that are attended by at least 61% of the members;
3) Participate in the National Night Out in August of each year;
4) Organize an open community meeting in February of each year;
5) Send a representative of the organization to monthly meetings with the Eastern Division Advisory Board;

*Members agree to:
1) act as the eyes and ears of the neighborhood;
2) report unusual activity to the police and the block captain;
3) report suspicious vehicles and people to the police and the block captain.

We’ve already got quite a bit of the required work done. We’ve got a membership list of 77 households. Almost 100 people attended the first meeting at the Lawndale Swim & Tennis Club. We need 47 households (or 61 people depending how you’re counting the members) at the next two meetings. That’s the hard part. Then we’ll need a volunteer to represent the group each month at the Eastern Division Advisory Board meetings. Beyond that we only have two neighborhood functions to organize each year. That’s what we HAVE to do.

There are lots of things we WANT to do and we’re getting that started too. We’ve got block captains who have volunteered to get the word out to their neighbors about the new organization. They will sign up new members and also get contact information for those folks who don’t want to join but still want to be kept informed about news and events in the neighborhood. Once we get the organization set up and running, we can start focusing on ways to make this neighborhood safer.

OK now, that’s what I think I know. But like I said, I was a little confused, so please correct me if I’m wrong about any of this. Or if you just plain disagree with me, well that’s something to talk about too.

Summary of the Recent Block Captains Meeting

Seven block captains for the fledgling DDLP Neighborhood Watch met Sunday at the Lawndale Swim & Tennis Club to organize the neighborhood watch signup sheets, plan the next community meeting, and discuss participation in the upcoming National Night Out which is sponsored locally by the Greensboro Police Department.

There has been a fantastic turnout at both the organizational meeting and the first official meeting of the DDLP Neighborhood Watch. To date 77 households have joined the new organization. That's almost a quarter of the entire neighborhood. Currently Lenox Court and Normandy Road have the highest percentage of member residents. Trenton Road has no members yet, but that should change in the upcoming weeks when block captains start reaching out to their neighbors. Our goal is to find ways to keep every interested resident informed about community issues and events.

The next full meeting of the DDLP Neighborhood Watch has not been determined yet, but there are plans in the works for this neighborhood's participation in the National Night Out on Tuesday August 5. It is hoped that 100% of the DDLP will join in by turning on their outdoor lights. It would also be really cool if folks could spend the early evening hours outside having “front porch” vigils or taking a stroll down their street. The DDLP block captains are looking into the feasibility of hosting a block party in our neighborhood that night. More information about future events in the DDLP will be passed along through the neighborhood email system, phone trees, the Blog, and the Forums.

More information about National Night Out:

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Vehicles Targeted in Recent Larcenies

According to unofficial neighborhood sources, two larcenies involving parked vehicles occurred last night in separate incidents. Both occurred in the vicinity of Wilshire Drive. One car was unlocked and the perpetrator(s) evidently went through the car taking everything out of the glove box, but not removing any property from the vehicle. The other vehicle had property taken from the trunk.

The P2C website has only one incident report for June posted; a larceny on Pershing Court that occurred on June 14.

Some suggestions for prevention of larcenies: lock your vehicles; don't leave items of interest to a thief in view from outside the vehicle; and remove such items from vehicle pick-up beds.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Land Grant Winner!

Congratulations to Piedmont Regional Greenway, Winner of $3,000 Land Grant sponsored by Patagonia and Great Outdoor Provision Co.

When the "polls" closed at 12 noon June 6th, Piedmont Regional Greenway was the winner of the $3000 grant from Patagonia. Thanks to all geocachers who participated in the 2008 "Vote for Land" event. Over 12,000 people participated in the voting. The votes cast produced the following results:

The Piedmont Regional Greenway - 4003
Rocky Fork - 3806
Pond Mountain - 2750
The Terra Nova Center - 879
Town Creek Riparian Forest - 487
Tar River Paddle Trail - 476
First Island, Deep River - 324

May Crime Summary

2 Burglaries: Dublin (1), Normandy (1)
1 Larceny: Lawndale Swim & Tennis Club
1 Act of Vandalism (Auto): Normandy

There have been no incident reports put on the Police to Citizen (P2C) website for June.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Neighborhood Watch Meeting - Tuesday June 3

There was standing room only at the Neighborhood Watch meeting last night at the Lawndale Swim & Tennis Clubhouse. Well over 50 people from all parts of the DDLP* neighborhood came to listen and talk to a Community Resource Team Officer from the Greensboro Police Department. Officer Scott Miller, a veteran on the police force with over 14 years as a patrol officer, has been conducting and attending community watch meetings for three years. He attends eight to ten community watch meetings each month and he said Tuesday’s meeting of concerned citizens from the DDLP was the biggest group he’s ever spoken to. Officer Miller talked to the crowd and crime prevention, and he answered questions from the audience. After the meeting, Joan Johnson, the organizational force behind this Neighborhood Watch effort, was ready with sign up sheets for each street in the DDLP, taking names and contact information from participants and those volunteering to act as block captains.

Officer Miller didn’t have to belabor the point that the day of the beat cop is long gone. Its replacement is community based policing. The city has been sectioned into four districts by the Patrol Bureau of the Greensboro Police Department and each has its own Community Resource Team (CRT). The DDLP is in the Eastern District. The Eastern District is currently without its own CRT as those officers were recently assigned to work on the gang problem in Greensboro. Officer Miller, part of the CRT in the Southern District, will fill in as our CRT until the Eastern District’s own CRT is restored. But the shortage of officers is bound to continue in a city struggling with budget problems, and ultimately it is community organizations like Neighborhood Watch that can make a real difference in crime prevention and prosecution.

Officer Miller pointed out that our perception about the crime rate may be part of the problem when trying to come up with a response to crime in our neighborhood. Media crime reports are often the cause of misperceptions. Crime is up overall in Greensboro, and although the recent surge of burglaries in the DDLP is troubling, there are some neighborhoods with much more serious problems. To put it into perspective, Officer Miller said that when an officer comes on duty, he or she will have 35 to 40 service complaints to look into. This is in addition to answering calls when a crime is in progress which is the officer’s first priority. Crimes such as the recent burglaries on Normandy Road are second priority. They are crimes that are no longer in progress. The victim comes home at 5pm to discover the burglary. He or she is not in any immediate danger and the “bad guys” are gone. In these cases, regrettably, it may take two hours to get an officer on the scene. This is in large part due to the fact that the Greensboro Police Department is currently understaffed. Officer Miller mentioned that some officers work through their breaks in an effort to answer their service complaints.

And that is where A NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Vigilant neighbors, particularly retirees, can look out for their neighbor’s property during the day and call the police if they witness something criminal or suspicious. A key point that Officer Miller repeated throughout the evening was the importance of having as much detailed information as possible when calling the police. He was quick to dissuade anyone from running behind a getaway car to get a license plate number, but he reminded the audience that a good description or photos of a suspect or their vehicle is what is needed. He suggested keeping a pair of binoculars handy. Being part of a crime prevention program is easy: LISTEN; WATCH; KEEP IN TOUCH WITH YOUR NEIGHBORS.

One way to get things done in our neighborhood is to attend city council meetings as a group. Officer Miller suggested that we pick one articulate individual to speak at the meetings and to keep the focus on a single issue at any given meeting. Another way to get things done in our neighborhood is exactly what we’re already doing. We need to have a high turn out at the next two neighborhood watch organizational meetings. After that, we need a continual turn out at the regular neighborhood watch meetings. If we can do that, then the city will post some “official” Neighborhood Watch signs in the DDLP. More important than the signs is the community that we are building, neighbor to neighbor, block to block, subdivision to subdivision. We can, as a community, help prevent and prosecute crime in our “Hood.”


Q: How can I tell if someone or something is suspicious enough to warrant calling the police?
A: Get to know your neighbors. Know the cars they drive, their habits, the friends and family who visit them. Once you get to know your neighborhood, you will have a better idea of what is out of the ordinary and what is normal.

Q: The police came out when I called about a possible problem but no incident was posted on the P2C website. Don’t they write up a report every time they investigate a complaint?
A: If no complaint or arrest was made and the situation was resolved to the satisfaction of the officer, a report will not be posted on the P2C website.

Q: If I see someone suspicious walking down the street, is it legal for me to take a picture of them without their permission?
A: If they are on a public street, they have no expectation of privacy, and it is legal for you to photograph them.

Q: What can I do when I’m out of town to protect my house?
A: Have a neighbor pick up your newspapers and your mail. While you are away, ask someone to walk the perimeter of your property while you are looking for broken glass or other indications that someone has entered your house unlawfully.

Q: How can I find out about crime statistics for my neighborhood?
A: Call Crime Analysis at 574-4035 and ask to speak to Philice Foddrell. Tell her you live in Zone 440, Track 171 and want to know what crimes have been committed in this part of Greensboro.

Q: I’ve got a glass door. What can I do to stop someone from breaking into my home?
A: Double cylinder dead bolt locks can help, but you MUST be able to access a key from INSIDE in case of fire or other emergency that requires a quick exit.

Q: What can I do about those pesky solicitors that plague our neighborhood from time to time?
A: Ask to see their license. Ask them to leave.

Q: Are solicitors required to have a picture I.D.?
A: No. But you can ask them to produce a solicitation license. Some solicitors do have picture I.D.s because the organization they represent requires them to have picture I.D.s.

Q: What can I do to get rid of solicitors?
A: Don’t answer the door. You can also post a sign that says “No Solicitations.” Or, you discourage them by asking to see their license. Most solicitors that are selling something are required to carry a license and must produce it upon request. If they become belligerent, abusive, or won’t leave when you ask them to, call the Greensboro Police Department. (Keep in mind that some solicitors are not required to have a license, such as those associated with religious organizations.)

Q: Is there another phone number I can call besides 9-1-1 if I see something suspicious but I’m not sure it’s an emergency?
A: 373-2222. This is the nonemergency, automated system that was put in when 9-1-1 couldn’t answer all the calls that were coming in. It is for nonemergency situations that require police involvement. (To bypass most of the automation, choose option “3.”)

*DDLP stands for the folks in the Dellwood Park, Dogwood Forest, Lawndale Homes, and Pershing Court subdivisions who have been meeting formally and informally for years. We are a unique area with common interests that lies south of Pisgah Church Road, east of Lawndale Drive, north of Cone Boulevard, and west of the higher rent district : )

Copperhead mating season in The DDLP

Well, it's that time of year again.

Tonite after supper I spotted one of our cats, Satchiananda (Satchi) batting her paws at a pile of leaves on the neighbors back porch area.

I grabbed a torch and shined it onto the beady eyes of an adolescent Copperhead snake.

It was about 3 feet in length...pretty good size for a Copperhead at this point in the season.

I'm pretty freaked out by snakes so after we got Satchi in the house, we proceeded to develop a murderous plot for the venomous beast.

Thanks to Delmois, Hester and Lois for the concerted effort to kill the Copperhead.

Please note that the Copperhead is the only venomous snake in this section of North Carolina.

Also, the Copperhead is a non-aggressive snake and easily recognizable. It basically has a round, stout brown body with darker hour-glass shaped bands running evenly across the body. And, Yup, it's got a V-shaped head so it looks pretty nasty.

Be careful and be discriminate. Let the other snakes do their thing. We feel that it is simply a necessary step to take with the killing of a venomous snake due to our pets.

Here's what I hope to be the only annual 2008 "Copperhead in The DDLP" shot that I post. *Remember that we spotted a juvenile in the middle of the street one nite last year.

Tuesday Neighborhood Watch Meeting Was A Success!

There was standing room only at the Neighborhood Watch meeting last night at the Lawndale Swim & Tennis Clubhouse. Well over 50 people from all parts of the DDLP neighborhood came to listen and talk to a Community Resource Team (CRT) Officer from the Greensboro Police Department. Officer Scott Miller, a veteran on the police force with over 14 years as a patrol officer, has been conducting and attending community watch meetings for three years, and he said Tuesday's meeting was the biggest group he's ever spoken to. Officer Miller talked to the crowd and crime prevention, and he answered questions from the audience. After the meeting, Joan Johnson, the organizational force behind this Neighborhood Watch effort, was ready with sign up sheets for each street in the DDLP, taking names and contact information from participants and those volunteering to act as block captains.

[That's the basic who/what/where/why/when. The rest of the story will be posted as soon as I can distill my notes into something readable.-hester]

Monday, June 2, 2008

Land Trust Competition

Cast your vote & help save a natural place in North Carolina. The Great Outdoor Provision Co. will present a $3000 Land Grant from Patagonia to the land trust project that gets the most votes.

They all seem like worthy projects, but if you want to direct the money towards a project in our part of North Carolina, vote for the Piedmont Regional Greenway.

It will be a 19-mile, multi-use trail connecting Guilford and Forsyth counties through Triad Regional Park and downtown Kernersville. The trail will follow waterways, ridge tops and roadways, and will connect neighborhoods, parks, cultural and historic sites, schools, commercial districts, and natural areas. Trail use will include walking, running, jogging, bicycling and possibly horseback riding.

To cast your vote go to:

Votes will be accepted until 12 noon on Friday, June 6th.

National Land Trust Day is Saturday June 7.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Neighborhood Watch Meeting

All residents of the DDLP neighborhood are invited to a Neighborhood Watch meeting on Tuesday June 3rd, at 6:30pm at the Lawndale Swim & Tennis Club on Keats Place. This will be the first of the three organizational meetings that are required for a local community group to become a part of the national Neighborhood Watch program. A police officer will be present at the meeting. If you are concerned about crime and safety in our neighborhood, please plan to be there.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

May Neighborhood Pot Luck

It is time for the May DDLP Party! The Aceves and Cybulski Families will be hosting a Neighborhood Party this weekend. Please plan to join us on Sunday (May 25) from 5 pm until...Please bring a dish to share. Chris will have his grill available, so feel free to bring some 'dogs or burgers. The party is BYOB, although we will provide water and juice boxes.Oh yeah, I guess it would help you to know where the party will be! We live at 3407 and 3408 Canterbury, right by the intersection of Normandy. Hope to see our neighbors Sunday!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Crimes Mounting Up in May in Our Neighborhood

On May 8 a larceny was reported at the Lawndale Swim & Tennis Club on Keats Place. The crime probably occurred sometime between May 1 and May 6. Also in this same area of our neighborhood, an auto was vandalized on Normandy Road on Wednesday, May 7. This crime probably occurred sometime during the day. Five days later a burglary was reported at a different address on Normandy Road. The burglary was precipitated by forcible entry during daylight hours. Let's keep our eyes and ears open and report anything suspicious to the Greensboro Police Department.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Break In on Normandy

A burglary occurred at a residence on Normandy Road sometime between 8:30am and 11:00am on Tuesday April 29. It was reported that the front door had been forced open and personal property, including jewelry, guns, and computer equipment, was removed.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Celebrate U.S. railways - National Train Day

OK, so, most of you know that I have a huge...I mean HUGE fear of flying and at any opportunity I will take a train to a destination rather than fly. I recently took the Southern Crescent from Greensboro to Philadelphia for a business trip. Totally satisfying mode of transportation.

MAY 10th is National Train Day

Here's the link to the Amtrak celebration site:

*note for a pleasant day trip by rail
The Carolinian train runs from Greensboro to Raleigh daily leaving at 9:21am and arriving in Raleigh at 11:06am. The return trip runs from 4:42pm and arrives back in Greensboro at 6:32pm. It's a fun day and the train station in Raleigh is centrally located to many points of interest.

Cell Phones For Soldiers and recycle eWaste

I've been doing some spring cleaning and I came across a cache of old cell phones.
I'd just hung onto them for various reasons none of which are any good reasons.

Until I found out about

These folks will take your old cell phone, sell it to a company that will pay to recycle the parts. ...very cool!
Then, they will take the proceeds and buy a phone calling card for a U.S. soldier stationed over seas.

That seems like such a great idea, I'm in!!!

Turns out that the Greensboro Public Library has a drop off point at the Kathleen Clay Edwards branch on Price Park Road (where the old Jefferson country club used to sit):

If you're so inclined and want to get rid of some clutter in the form of an old cell phone and want to help a soldier make a call back home I highly recommend this option.

NC Primary elections 2008

It's an exciting time for North Carolinians as we approach the Primary elections.

Here is an offering of some links that may be useful as you prepare to vote.

I've already used the state board of elections online site to print out my sample ballot.

Early voting is a very handy solution to what will surely be long lines on May 6th at the polls.

Our neighborhood blog has gotten some recognition from other local blogs interested in getting out the word about local politics and I'll blog about those details later.

Here's the list of links that I thought would come in handy for all of us:

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

March Crime Report Summary

There were three larcenies and one DWI reported on the Greensboro Police To Citizen (P2C) website for the month of March.

March 6 - Larceny from a Motor Vehicle - Wilshire Drive
March 9 - Larceny (Other) - Kenmore Street
March 24 - DWI - Normandy Road (available information indicates that the arrestee was not a resident of the neighborhood)
March 31 - Larceny - Joyner Elementary School

Thursday, April 3, 2008

What Do You Get When 400 Lawyers...

It's no joke. Tomorrow, Friday April 4, 400 North Carolina attorneys will be available by phone to answer general legal questions without charge. You do not have to give your name.

Call 877-404-4149 anytime between 7am and 7pm.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Spring 2008 in The DDLP monthly parties!

I'm ready to shake off the Winter and spring into some new activities with our neighbors.

Here are a few news items for The DDLP neighbors:

POT LUCK Supper Saturday - APRIL 12, 2008 5-7pm
1. Hester and I would like to start up this season's monthly neighborhood parties by throwing a pot luck on Saturday APRIL 12, 2008 from 5:00pm - 7:00pm.
*Details to follow in an email to The DDLP mail list.

2. Another neighbor has already shown an interest in hosting the MAY party.
*Details to follow in an email to The DDLP mail list.

3. A neighbor that's a web designer has shown some interest in starting up a web site for our neighborhood. We are very excited about this prospect!
*More info on this one as it develops.

4. To receive emails when a Blog post occurs, you can use the "Subscribe to get updates" Google Groups widget on the left side of the Blog (about middle ways down).
Enter your email address and then click on Subscribe. *It's just that easy.
You can find that here:

5. Check out the previous post to the blog about the Greensboro bicentennial torch procession that came down Dellwood.

Hope to see you at the April DDLP Pot luck.

Bicentennial Celebration Jogs Down Dellwood

On Friday, the Greensboro Bicentennial Torch procession was greeted on Dellwood Drive by clapping neighborhood residents. The procession was led by two police motorcycles and an old-fashioned fire engine with waving participants aboard. The torch bearer and a half dozen other joggers followed. Neighborhood residents had begun gathering at the intersection of Dellwood and Canterbury before 4pm while others set up lawn chairs and settled down on tailgates along the route. The neighborhood camaraderie was welcome after a winter mostly spent indoors, and many folks lingered in conversation after the torch had passed through the neighborhood. Happy Birthday Greensboro!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Lights Out for Earth Hour

On Saturday March 29 at 8 p.m., join millions of people around the world in making a statement about climate change by turning off your lights for Earth Hour, an event created by the World Wildlife Fund. This is a worldwide movement. Last year 2.2 million people participated which resulted in a 10% reduction in energy use, the equivalent of taking 48,000 cars off of the road. If you would like to learn more, go to

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Got a legal question?

Ever wondered which family members get a person's property when s/he dies without leaving a will? Or who pays for the damage when someone's tree falls into their neighbor's fence? Well you might just be able to get the answer to YOUR legal question during an upcoming event sponsored by the North Carolina Bar Association.

As a community service to all North Carolinians, North Carolina lawyers have volunteered their time to answer general legal questions for free. More information is available on the www at




7AM - 7PM

I will post updated information as I get it. I will also post a reminder on this blog on Thursday April 3 with final details on accessing this service. This reminder will also be sent to blog members via email.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Larceny Reported

On March 6, a Larceny From a Motor vehicle was reported on Wilshire Drive. The case is Active/open.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

The DDLP blog updates

Hester's updated the Blog with January and February crime reports for the neighborhood.

Also, Thanks to everyone that offered info about a dentist.
I picked one, he seems really nice, the staff is very upbeat; I've got 2 impacted wisdom teeth and an abscessed molar. I'd love to hear how you survived a tooth pulling and if you chose to be put to "sleep" instead of a local or laughing gas.

Thanks, Charlie

February Crime Reports

As reported earlier, one incident report was generated in February. The incident, a violation of a Drug Law, occurred on February 21 near the intersection of Dellwood Drive and Canterbury Street. A recent check of the P2C website's daily bulletin for February 28 indicates that two arrests were made at that same intersection for misdemeanor Possession of a Controlled Substance Schedule VI [marijuana; tetrahydrocannabinols]. The two were both 18 year old males, one white and one black. I do not know whether the alleged wrongdoers live in our neighborhood.

Information about Accidents/Arrests/Incidents can be found by going to this webpage:

Click on "Search for Events"; Click on "I Agree"; Enter a date or date range (one month max); Type in a street name; Select the city; Click on "Search." Incidents and Accidents generate PDF files that you can access. Arrests do not.


The most information I've been able to find about Arrests is here:

Select an event type ("All" is the default); Select a date; Click "Update".

Thursday, February 21, 2008

2008 Incident Reports

January 14
Burglary - Forcible Entry - Residence
Normandy Road

January 20
Burglary - Forcible Entry - Residence
Canterbury Street

February 21
Possession of Marijuana
near the intersection of Dellwood Drive and Canterbury Street
[Rumor has it that the vehicle was initially stopped for a traffic infraction as part of the Greensboro Police Department's increased scrutiny of speeders and stop sign violators on Dellwood Drive.]

Sigh of Relief

I checked the North Carolina Sex Offender Registry website today and found no registered sex offenders with addresses in our neighborhood, although there are a few with 27408 zip codes.

North Carolina Sex Offender and Public Protection Registry:

2007 Crime Report Totals

These are the totals for 2007:

7 Larceny reports: Canterbury (2), Dublin (2), Normandy (2), Trenton (1);
5 Vandalism reports: Canterbury (1), Dellwood (2), Normandy (1), Wilshire (1);
4 Burglary reports: Canterbury (1), Dellwood (2), Keats (1);
4 Missing Person reports: Shamrock (3; juvenile; from same address), Kenmore (1);
3 Drug reports: Cloverdale (1), Trenton (1), Wilshire (1);
2 Fraud reports: Shamrock (1), Dublin (1);
1 Threatening Phone Call report: Dublin;
26 Total

A comparison of the totals for 2006 indicates the following:

Total number of incident reports increased;
Larcenies unchanged;
Burglaries decreased;
Fraud and missing persons increased slightly;
Vandalism and drug offenses increased.

[All statistics are based on the reports available on the Greensboro Police Department's website.]