Thursday, February 21, 2008

2008 Incident Reports

January 14
Burglary - Forcible Entry - Residence
Normandy Road

January 20
Burglary - Forcible Entry - Residence
Canterbury Street

February 21
Possession of Marijuana
near the intersection of Dellwood Drive and Canterbury Street
[Rumor has it that the vehicle was initially stopped for a traffic infraction as part of the Greensboro Police Department's increased scrutiny of speeders and stop sign violators on Dellwood Drive.]

Sigh of Relief

I checked the North Carolina Sex Offender Registry website today and found no registered sex offenders with addresses in our neighborhood, although there are a few with 27408 zip codes.

North Carolina Sex Offender and Public Protection Registry:

2007 Crime Report Totals

These are the totals for 2007:

7 Larceny reports: Canterbury (2), Dublin (2), Normandy (2), Trenton (1);
5 Vandalism reports: Canterbury (1), Dellwood (2), Normandy (1), Wilshire (1);
4 Burglary reports: Canterbury (1), Dellwood (2), Keats (1);
4 Missing Person reports: Shamrock (3; juvenile; from same address), Kenmore (1);
3 Drug reports: Cloverdale (1), Trenton (1), Wilshire (1);
2 Fraud reports: Shamrock (1), Dublin (1);
1 Threatening Phone Call report: Dublin;
26 Total

A comparison of the totals for 2006 indicates the following:

Total number of incident reports increased;
Larcenies unchanged;
Burglaries decreased;
Fraud and missing persons increased slightly;
Vandalism and drug offenses increased.

[All statistics are based on the reports available on the Greensboro Police Department's website.]