Monday, September 29, 2008

Yard Sale Postponed!

The yard sale scheduled for October 4 at the Lawndale Swim & Tennis Clubhouse has been postponed. The DDLP Neighborhood Watch hopes that no one has  been inconvenienced by this change in plans.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Crime Prevention Tips from Officers Cayton and Blaylock

The following information was culled from emails sent to Joan Johnson, Watch captain for the DDLP Neighborhood Watch, from Officer Charles Blaylock on September 12 and Officer Jim Cayton on September 17. Although the crimes mentioned below did not happen in the DDLP, they are reminders that the crime problem is just around the corner.

Car Break-ins:
There have been several car break-ins in the Kirkwood area and these continue to be a problem. The police have tried to step up patrols in the area, but due to call load there are no guarantees they can answer every call promptly. If Officer Cayton gets a good description of any of the suspects, he will let Joan know immediately so she can pass the information along.

What You Can Do:
1) Do not leave any property whatsoever in your vehicle. Every time these guys get something out of a car it encourages them to keep coming back.
2) If you see or hear anything suspicious during the night, please do not hesitate to call the police. If it turns out to be nothing you can always call back and cancel the call. Do not worry about what the Dispatcher says. Request that the police respond due to recent car break-ins.

Daytime Home Break-ins:
A daytime home break-in recently occurred in the Sherwood Street/South Chapman Street area. The suspects entered a residence that was occupied by a 24-year-old female. She ran out of the residence and locked herself in her vehicle where she contacted police. She is safe and unharmed. The suspects were observed running from the residence.

What You Can Do:
1) If you hear a knock at your door, verbally acknowledge your presence inside the home. If you remain  silent, hoping that the person will go away, you might give them cause to believe that the house is empty and will be easy to break into. When you make your presence known, have your phone in your hand and call 911 if you feel threatened.
2) Lock your door when you are inside  your home.
3) It may help to keep an exterior light on outside in the evenings. Criminals do not like lighting. It allows witnesses to see their faces.
4) Report suspicious activity when you see it. You are the eyes and ears of the police. If you see something that could be criminal activity in progress, call 9-1-1 and report it. If you see conduct that could lead to criminal activity, call 9-1-1 and report it. Keep in mind that someone merely walking down the street is not suspicious. You should be able to describe to the police dispatcher the specific actions or conduct that seemed suspicious to you.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

August Crime Summary

The month started off with a report of vandalism at the Lawndale Swim & Tennis Club on August 1st. The Club later suffered two burglaries, one on the 7th and one on the 20th. Both of those burglaries involved forced entry. Only one other location in the neighborhood was victimized. An act of vandalism was reported on Shamrock Drive on August 13th. 

To access police reports on the Internet, go to, click on Search for Events, click I Agree (if you agree to the terms&conditions), and then type in the dates and street you want to search for.