Wednesday, May 20, 2009

TheDDLP Spring 2009 Neighborhood Watch meeting

We had a great turn out for the Spring 2009 Neighborhood Watch meeting for TheDDLP.
I counted 35 adults.
Officer Cayton and Officer Blaylock were our speakers.

Joan presided over the meeting.

Officer Cayton gave us a crime incident report for the period between February 2009 and May 2009. He and Office Blaylock were very encouraged by the low incident numbers and the fact that we've been calling to report suspicious activity.

Hot Topics for the meeting were:
1. Vandalism - mostly attempts to break into cars
2. Traffic - speeding vehicles (cars and buses) possible actions to take
3. We need donations as we prepare for our 2nd annual National Night Out - details to follow
4. Gang activity - just an update on what's happening in Greensboro
5. Some folks approached me about not getting Blog or Mail List updates. I'm working with them on making sure that they have been added to the Distribution List.

Hester will have a detailed post about the meeting as she was designated as meeting secretary and took notes.

Here's a picture from the Spring 2009 Neighborhood Watch Meeting